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The chance to win a fantastic bike while helping fund veteran's holidays

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

We are exceptionally fortunate to have been given a Triumph T100 Goldmine Bonneville to raffle off for Holidays for Heroes. With only 1000 tickets at £30 each, there is a fantastic chance of winning and with the draw taking place at the upcoming Black Tie Bikers Ball (details to follow) a real chance to be there when you win it.

If this draw sells out, it would fund the first week of the 2023 holiday year and with every penny paid for a ticket going straight to the charity, this is a great way to support this wonderful cause whilst potentially winning a fantastic bike. If you don't ride, buy one for the rider in your life. We promise you will become their favourite person if they win.

Tickets are £30 and available from the Ramp at the Mansell Collection

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