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To be eligible for a holiday you must have suffered injury in mind or body as a result of your military service.
This must be confirmed by an approved association or you may provide evidence of your war pension. If nominated, we reserve the right to request evidence of your war pension at a later stage to meet internal audit requirements.
Before starting the booking process it is important to check out the types of rooms available, the number of guests per room and the Veterans Associations eligible to nominate you. Please only book the room(s) you need as those bookings rooms larger than necessary will not receive holidays

If the association you wish to nominate you is not on the list, please contact us


4th - 11th May 2024
including the Liberation Day celebrations

25th May - 1st June 2024
coinciding with the schools half term


29th June - 6th July 2024

20th - 27th July 2024

St Aubin, Jersey Channel Islands_.jpg

3rd - 10th August 2024
including the Battle of Flowers celebrations

17th - 24th August 2024


7th - 14th September 2024
including the Jersey International Air Display

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