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Thank you to Jersey Post

Today ends a two year period of Holidays for Heroes Jersey being the chosen Charity of Jersey Post. We would like to thank everyone at Jersey Post for their support during that time.

We were initially the chosen charity for 2020 but given the unusual circumstances of that year, the support was extended for a further twelve months ensuring not only a continuing flow of funds, but also heightened publicity for this great cause. Part of the support received during this year was that one of the Jersey Post vans carries the H4HJ wrap on it, and this will continue until that van needs rewrapping, as well as collection boxes being found on the counters of the two main post offices. In addition, H4HJ has been the recipient of the proceeds from in house fundraising and the sales of used stamps which Islanders have dropped off. We thank both those islanders who have dropped stamps off as well as Jersey Post for arranging their sale.

As part of the Jersey Post support, we had the chance to have a leaflet dropped to every home in the Island asking for support, but in light of the unique times we have been going through and number of other charities in much greater immediate need, we declined that kind offer. When H4HJ urgently needs funds, we will contact our supporters but for the moment, we will do everything that we can to support our community the way they have supported us.

During a period when many of us have been able to work from home or have been able to shelter, it is worth remembering that the staff of Jersey Post have been out there every day. For that, and for their generous support over this difficult period, we are exceptionally grateful. We will let everyone know the full extent of the support once the final tins have been counted, but for the moment, we just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone at Jersey Post

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