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So it's Good Night from me, and it's Good Night from him

Tuesday the 22nd March 2022 was a very sad day for the Charity as its founder's Dawn Woodhouse MBE and Richard Woodhouse stepped down as Governor's of the Charity to enjoy a well earned retirement. Having come up with the idea which later became the charity in 2008, Dawn and Richard ran the charity for 11 years before appointing and then assisting for two years the current Chairman.

The work they have undertaken and what will be achieved is difficult to communicate to those who do not have the benefit of hearing from those they have helped, but it is safe to say that they have impacted thouands of lives and changed many.

In his annual summary of the last year, current Chairman, Richard Harwood said " Having come up with the original concept, Dawn and Richard took primary responsibility for the organisation and running of the charity for the next 11 years. In the last two years they have provided me with invaluable support as I have tried to learn how to fill their massive boots. When I first met with them, they provided a list of what they were doing to make sure over 3000 guests had enjoyed the most amazing holidays in Jersey and at that moment I understood that it was impossible for anyone to take over that role alone. I have taken two years to spread out that workload between an excellent group of Governors and it is only thanks to their support that it has been possible to cover the workload. Basically it has taken 8 Governors to cover the work that used to be done by two.

For 11 years the dining room table in St Clements was the HQ for H4HJ. Dawn and Richard manually processed every application manually inputting each guest into their system and organising each holiday. They rang each guest several times before they arrived and then were the fulcrum of the holiday week. It is no exaggeration to say that for 9 months of each year, H4HJ took up the vast majority of what should have been their leisure time. Whilst we are all aware that this contribution was recognised by Dawn being awarded the MBE and Richard being recognised in the Prime Ministers Point of Light, it is impossible to truly acknowledge their contribution since the formation of the Charity. Their like will never be seen again, and I am humbled by the chance to take over their mantle"

We are delighted to say that Dawn and Richard will remain as members of the Charity

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1 Comment

Mar 29, 2022

Thank you for everything you have done over the years a lot of people are grateful for all the work you and your volunteers did for us and a big thank you too the people of Jersey for making everyone welcome thank you once again hugh and Karen Walker .

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