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A small donation will make a massive difference

Richard and Dawn Woodhouse started Holidays for Heroes in 2008 by welcoming guests into their own home. They then grew the charity with the support of generous Islanders and UK donors and the Charity has since welcomed well over 4500 guests to the Island and created lifelong memories and friendships.

Holidays are completely free for our guests as a small token of our respect for what they have given for their country and we are keen to continue running these holidays but like everyone else, we are being hit hard by the rising cost of living and prices of these holidays have risen sharply over the last three years. The charity is extremely careful with their money with all Governors and Volunteers giving their time freely, but having budgeted for the 2025 holiday season, our reserves are materially diminished and the ability to continue to offer holidays will be impeded unless we can significantly increase our income stream

We are very grateful for the support we receive and understand that money is tight for everyone but if you could consider making a small monthly donation to the charity, it will make such a difference to us. We have the support of 3500 followers on Facebook and if just 10% of those supporters could afford £10 a month, that would fund a full week of holidays for 40 guests early in the season.

It is hard to explain the benefits so many of our guests get from their time in Jersey the benefits of which last long after they have left these shores. Anything you can do to help us continue our work would be massively appreciated.

Thank you

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