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It wouldn't be possible without help

The holidays that we offer our guests and all the good that comes from them is only possible because of the support we receive from a number of individuals, associations and trusts who recognise the importance of our work.

In 2022, we have run 10 holiday weeks costing the Charity around £430,000. Thankfully, two of those weeks have been funded entirely by two supporters. One of those supporters is the Association of Jersey Charities whose funding allowed us to welcome an additional 30 guests to the Island over the Jubilee weekend.

Not only did these guests experience an excellent week's holiday in Jersey but got to experience first hand the warmth and kindness of the Jersey public. We are fortunate to see first hand the impact these breaks have on our guests and continue to see the impact on their wellbeing long after they leave the Island. It is considerable and based on the emails we get from our past guests, long lasting.

The Association of Jersey Charities celebrated it's 50th anniversary in 2021. Over those many years it has distributed millions of pounds to local charities and had a significant impact on the Island Community. We at Holidays for Heroes Jersey are very grateful to have joined the long list of beneficiaries and on our, and our guests' behalf, we would like to thank them

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