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Virtual Runners raise over £1000 for H4HJ

Since taking over the running of H4HJ, I have been constantly amazed by the generosity of Islanders and UK residents alike in supporting our efforts. I was contacted a few months ago by Susan Wheatcroft from Virtual Runners UK who wanted to run an event for us. Yesterday, I received a credit of over £1,000 from those efforts.

We have minimised our administration costs at the charity to the absolute minimum, so that the monies raised by people like Susan and her colleagues goes where it should do, to giving a hero the break and rest that they so desperately need. We get to see what a difference these breaks make to our guests, and I only wish all those people who support us could see the effect first hand. That is not possible, but take it from me, every penny donated to H4HJ has a real effect on someone, and that effect can last for years.

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