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H4HJ launches Normandy D-Day Bike Challenge

Holidays for Heroes Jersey is delighted to announce that in May of 2024 they will be offering the opportunity to visit the major sites of Operation Overlord including the Normandy landing beaches and Pegasus Bridge. The challenge gives cyclists the opportunity to acknowledge the heroic acts of the Allied Forces 80 years ago whilst raining money to support veterans from more recent conflicts.

Speaking about the challenge, Chairman of H4HJ said, "this is about paying tribute to the remarkable achievements of 80 years ago whilst raising the profile and much needed funds for the Charity. We have to find the right balance in terms of time commitment and challenge covering over 430km in less than a week away from the Island. It will be a challenging but rewarding experience for everyone involved".

The challenge will include some of the lesser known history of Operation Overlord including Lisieux, the site of French resistance and SAS disruption of the German withdrawal in 1944 as well as the more familiar Mulberry Harbour, Juno, Sword and Omaha beaches.

"Whilst taking in the remarkable achievements of the Allied Forces, it gives participants time to think about the current veterans that they are helping and what it was like to face such horrendous challenges. It may be that some of the past guests of H4HJ may even be able to join the challenge"

More details will be released in the days ahead but for further information please email

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